CH Spurgeon

CH Spurgeon

In the footsteps of the 'Prince of Preachers'

Author: Clive Anderson

Publisher: Day One

ISBN: 1903087112

Few have combined so many gifts and achievements in such a short lifetime as Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

During his forty-one years as a Christian pastor and preacher, Spurgeon published one hundred and fifty books, while preaching regularly to congregations of 6,000, in addition to launching almost seventy charitable causes, many of which still exist today. His impact was so great, that over a century after his death he is still read by millions on every continent. Travel with Spurgeon will enable you to follow his life and retrace his journey - from a teenage country pastor to the largest congregation in the capital city of the British Empire - during the heyday of Victorian preaching.


Travel Through Egypt
Land of Moses, monuments and mummies

God's Trees
Trees, forests and wood in the Bible

A Help In Grief
Coping with the death of someone close

Gunpowder, treason and plot
The gruesome story of Guy Fawkes

Discovering the Hidden Lamb

Escape from Danger

A Desperate Search

Travel Through Israel
Land of Promise, Faith and Beauty

Through the British Museum - with the Bible

Opening up Nahum

Opening up 2 Peter

Face2Face Sennacherib
Encountering Assyria's great and terrifying ruler

CH Spurgeon
In the footsteps of the 'Prince of Preachers'