Thank you O Lord for creating this world,
And that atoms and matter weren't randomly hurled,
But the earth you created was perfectly made,
A sign of your love which will never fade.

Thank you O Lord for creating the light,
Sun shining by day, and moon at night,
For stars in the dark and planets up high
All brilliant and clear in the God- made sky.

Thank you O lord for the birds of the air
Of which your Word tells of your love and your care,
For wingspan small, or birds of long flight,
For birdsong at daybreak, and colours so bright.

Thank you O Lord for the rivers and seas,
Lakes we can sail, or skate when they freeze,
Waterfalls that rush over hillsides and rocks,
Ponds, rivers and streams and large natural lochs.

Thank you O lord for the creatures you made,
For those which we should be rightly afraid,
For others which can be easily tamed,
But all made by you and lovingly named.

Thank you O Lord for hills, valleys and plains,
For snowstorms and frost and summertime rains,
For woodlands and forests, flowers and trees.
And high winds and gales but too, gentle breeze.

Thank you O Lord for providing the seed
And giving us all the food that we need
Thank you for those who harvest the crops
And the workers who process our food to the shops

Thank you O Lord for genius and skill
For the oil and gas that is mined or we drill
For, designers, craftsmen and those who invent,
For teachers and doctors, all gifts from you sent.

Thank you O Lord for music and art
And written word, all which touches our heart,
For singing, speech, hearing and sight,
And the gift of sleep to refresh us at night.

Thank you O Lord for families and friends
For those close to us on whom we depend,
For colleagues, comrades, laughter and cheer
And those who bring comfort if we face fear.

Thank you O Lord for the best of all gift.
Your Son who was sent to heal the rift
Between man's sin and God's purity
Which thanks to Him gives unity.

Thank you O Lord that because He died,
Believers look forward to a place at your side,
Because of his gift we too have new life
A home in heaven away from sin's strife.

And so O lord, help us we pray.
To give thanks to you all through the day
And give witness to all of what you have done
And praise Father, Spirit and Jesus your Son.

Paul Susans
Copyright © 2011