The words of Auld Lang Syne sound clear,
As folk welcome in the approaching new year.
Fireworks light up the midnight sky,
As another year passes so quickly by.

Strangers link up their arms and sing,
As the gongs of Big Ben so loudly ring.
Last year's problems fade, so it seems
As folk consider fresh hopes and new dreams.

The new year brings a new plan and an aim,
Though likely it will be just the same
As the old year that's just come to its close.
Is there hope we dare to suppose?

The past year's news seemed so full of crime,
With bad things happening time after time.
Poverty, hunger warfare and strife,
Things that blight just most peoples' life.

Yet look around at God's wonderful world,
And see His banner of love unfurled.
Creation speaks of God's love story.
Give Him all praise and all of the glory.

There is fresh hope for the starting new year,
For those who believe, He is always near.
For what ever the future new year may bring,
Those who follow Him can praise Him and sing

His love first shone at Bethlehem's Inn,
When born as a Baby our salvation to win.
He came to save us from life's sin and its dross
And His love was able to speak out from the cross.

His love continued to shine from the tomb,
As He rose again and love shone through the gloom.
His new life banished death, grief and pain
And spoke of a promise all folk can attain.

The promise is "I am with you always",
If on Him we keep our focus and gaze.
"To the end of the age" He continued to say,
So we must trust Him all year and each day.

With Christ in our lives we can overcome fear,
So keep His love with you throughout the new year.
Christ must be central in all that we do
And He will be with me and also with you.

So with the start of another new year,
Forget not His love that cost Him so dear.
But whatever happens, keep hold of that love
And you will be blessed by our Father above.

Paul Susans
Copyright © 2011