Early that first morning women went to the tomb.
An earthquake had struck compounding their gloom.
An angel was there all dressed in white
The guards to the tomb fell down in fright.

The women were told "Don't be afraid"
"Remember the promise that Jesus had made".
He'd told his disciples "I will rise from the dead"
"So take heart, rejoice and be happy instead".

They noticed the stone had been rolled from the door
They looked right in side and in amazement they saw
The place where once His body had laid
Was empty, and so they were no longer afraid.

Mary remained, her watch of the tomb kept
And still sad in her heart, she cried and wept
When she heard a voice, and turned around
And assumed it was the gardener she'd found.

"Mary" He said, "Why are you so sad?"
"Look, I am risen, so rejoice and be glad".
"Go to my brothers and tell them I live".
"And because of My death your sins I forgive".

Then Mary was able to see through her tears
Rabboni was there and had banished her fears
She then understood all He had said
That on the third day He would rise from the dead.

Later that day to Emmaus men walked
And as they journeyed they discussed and talked
That day's events were still fresh in their mind
And as Jesus joined them, to Him they seemed blind.

They invited Him home to join in their meal
And when He gave thanks they knew He was real,
This was the man who for sin had been killed
He then went from their sight but their hearts remained thrilled.

Jesus returned back into the city
Where three days earlier He'd been shown no pity.
The disciples then saw Him and were full of surprise
He said, "Why are you troubled and why do doubts rise?"

They couldn't believe just what they were seeing
He seemed as if he was a ghostly being
"Look, it is me touch my hands and my feet
Now, do you have anything to give me to eat?"

Later that week in a locked upper room
Thomas still doubted and remained full of gloom
Unless he could see the scarred hands and feet
The risen Lord Jesus he'd then gladly greet.

Jesus then came and appeared to the men
Thomas was able to believe there and then
Jesus said that how blessed he had been
But also blesssed those who believed but hadn't seen.

2000 years on this news still amazes
And encourages our souls to sing God's praises
God's son whom he sent to die in our place
Defeated death, all because of God's grace.

By faith we believe that He rose from the dead.
To fulfil all the promises from His Word that we've read.
The Lord on the cross who for our sins did bleed
Came back to life- He is risen indeed!

Paul Susans
Copyright © 2014