Through the British Museum with the Bible

Author: Brian H Edwards & Clive Anderson

Publisher: Day One

ISBN: 978-1903087541

We recommend that you buy the book then visit The British Museum. This book offers a guided tour on a room-by-room basis. A vibrant way of bringing the past right before your eyes and in a way which helps you to digest the information and understand it all in context.

  • The perfect tool for those who visit the Museum
  • A room-by-room Bible related tour
  • Concise and accurate explanations
  • Around 150 colour photographs
  • An index of Bible references
  • Simplified floor and room plans
  • A valuable reference guide for the armchair "visitor"
  • Useful for home-schooling and general education
  • Commended by Alan Millard and Donald Wiseman
  • Presentations and Talks

If you have a church or organisation that would like to host a presentation/talk on the museum with an introduction to the guide and how best to obtain the best from it please email


“The British Museum is a great storehouse of treasures from the past; the Bible is the greatest treasure of them all. This guide brings them together in a concise way that will help readers understand more clearly what each has to offer.”

“I am delighted that this fine guide is available in a second and fully revised edition. The British Museum is unique worldwide for its collection of antiquities which illustrate Bible times and customs and this guide enables anyone, either alone or with a group, to identify them accurately. It is both reliable and easy to use.”