Travel Through Egypt

Land of Moses, monuments and mummies

Author: Clive & Amanda Anderson

Publisher: Day One

ISBN: 978-1846251795


Egypt, the fabled land of romance, intrigue, mystery, and terror, but above all fabulous wealth and glittering gold... Ever since Napoleon's invasion in the 1790s and the incredible discovery of Tutankhamen's intact tomb in the Valley of the Kings in 1922, the world has been increasingly drawn to books, films, museums and exhibitions that focus on the land of the Pharaohs. Through the pages of this travel guide you are invited, from the comfort of your home, or in Egypt itself, to discover some of the many wonders that the land contains. This guide is predominantly concerned with biblical and Christian history, but also gives a flavour of other times and personalities.

We invite you to travel through Egypt with Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Jeremiah, and Joseph, Mary and the infant Jesus, along with other famous people of history, to discover events that have shaped history and caused generations to wonder about the land that lies either side of the River Nile.

  • Places of interest to visit
  • Over 150 photographs, most in full colour
  • Clear illustrated maps
  • Valuable reference guide for the armchair traveller
  • Inspirational and informative
  • Interesting insights
  • Highly collectable series
About the authors

CLIVE ANDERSON is associate pastor here at The Butts Church. He is a member of The British Museum Society, The British Institute for the Study of Iraq, the Egypt Exploration Society and the Tyndale society; he leads tours to the Middle East and around the British Museum and is the author of nine books including Travel with Spurgeon and Travel through Israel in this series.

AMANDA ANDERSON shares Clive's interest in and passion for Egypt and is co-author of this book. Clive and Amanda have one son.


'The blessed land'

  1. Red and Black lands
  2. Alexander's nose
  3. Stairway to heaven
  4. 'Wonderful things'
  5. The horizon of the sun
  6. Terror, temples and ancient texts
  7. The curse of the mummy
  8. Along the blue thread

Glossary of terms

Ancient Egyptian timeline

Chronology of the major pyramids

List of Egyptian kings with Bible connections

Chief gods of Egypt

Known tombs in the Valley of the Kings

Information for travelling in Egypt

A taste of Egypt

Index of place names, aknowledgements and authors