Our Vision

The Church is not bricks and mortar; a building that people go to on a Sunday. In the Bible the Church is defined as the people of God. All those who profess that Jesus, God's son, is the only way we can be reconciled with God.

The Butts Church aims to:

  • Show that it is made up of ordinary people who believe that God is relevant to their everyday lives and that we can have a living, personal relationship with Him. So that everything we do is for the glory of God. We believe that the Bible is God's word to everyone and as a church it is our responsibility to bring God's word to those living and working around us.
  • Put the Bible at the heart of all we do as a Church and as individuals so that it guides every aspect of our lives. In everything we do, we want to show God's love for people, whatever their background, in the hope that our friends and neighbours will come to know Jesus Christ for themselves.
  • Take God's word to the world and to shape God's people for His praise.

We know that God is real and relevant to our world today. His word, the Bible, teaches us how we can live fulfilled lives, which bring him honour. As long as the message of the Bible is taught and explained, it will lead people to Jesus Christ and the new life he promises to anyone who trusts Him.