Travel Through Israel

Travel Through Israel

Land of Promise, Faith and Beauty

Author: Paul Williams & Clive Anderson

Publisher: Day One


For many, the dream of visiting Israel becomes a reality but for others it remains a dream. Travel Through Israel is designed to benefit both the traveller and the dreamer. Combining helpful information with illuminating photographs, it turns mere names and locations into living people and places; and for those who are not able to visit Israel, it will serve as an armchair guide. Either way it will make the 'visit' more memorable and meaningful. Among the guide books available, Travel Through Israel will prove uniquely helpful to those who love this remarkable land.

  • Places of interest to visit
  • Over 150 photographs, most in full colour
  • Clear illustrated maps
  • Valuable reference guide for the armchair traveller
  • Inspirational and informative
  • Interesting insights
  • Highly collectable series

About the authors

PAUL WILLIAMS is the pastor of Swindon Evangelical Church and Bible Institute. He also serves on the board of the European Missionary Fellowship (EMF), and lectures in systematic theology at their School of Biblical Studies. He enjoys leading tours to Israel and he is also the author of Travel with William Cowper in this series. Paul is married to Ruth, and they have three children.

CLIVE ANDERSON is pastor of the Butts Church in Alton Hants. He is a member of The British Museum Society, The British Institute for the Study of Iraq, the Egypt Exploration Society and the Tyndale society; he leads tours to the Middle East and around the British Museum and is the author of eight books including Travel with Spurgeon in this series. Clive is married to Amanda, they have one son.


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