Discovering the Hidden Lamb

Discovering the Hidden Lamb

Author: Gill Jacobs

Publisher: Day One

ISBN: 978-1846253331

A story of two lambs; the orphaned lamb Ben cares for, and Jesus, the Lamb of God. Bible events woven into this story are seen through Ben's eyes as he struggles to understand who Jesus is while trying to save his pet lamb from being sold for sacrifice at Passover. The reader discovers what life was like in Palestine during Jesus' time, and why the Lamb of God had to die.

About the author

Much of Gill Jacobs' working life has been with young people both within the church and as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist. She runs training in special needs for professionals and has also been involved in writing parenting courses. Her husband John is a Messianic Jew. They live in Hampshire and have two grown up daughters.


"Old and young alike will love this book, and I happily commend this fine tale woven around the biblical account."
Clive Anderson
Pastor and author of a number of books for Day One, including Travel in Israel with Paul Williams

"This challenging story shows the changes that happen when children meet Jesus."
Janet St John
Former missionary doctor in Morocco


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